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How Do I Choose a Lawyer?

Most people decide to seek out legal representation for one of two reasons: 1) something happened, and they need legal help, or 2) they want to make something happen and they need legal help to do it.  Either way, a major life problem has cropped up and there seems no way to get through it without professional help.  If this is you, you’re in good company!


At this point, most people have a lot of questions.  You may be asking yourself, why is this happening?  What can I do?  With whom can I entrust this private matter?  How do I find the information I need?  What information is right?  There’s so much out there!  How can I protect myself?  How do I protect my loved ones?  How am I going to afford legal fees? 


You may also be dealing with a lot of intense feelings.  Feelings of worry, anxiety, stress, failure, overwhelm, or hopelessness are common.  Most people engaged in a complex legal matter will agree that it can be a true rollercoaster.


So how do you choose a lawyer?


1.     Find one.  Not sure where to start?  Check out isb.idaho.gov/lawyer-referral-service.

2.     Ensure your counsel is competent.  A good lawyer will let you know if your matter is outside his area of expertise and will refer you to another attorney.   For example, our firm doesn’t handle intellectual property cases.

3.     Next, it is essential that you meet with the potential attorney.  Ensure that you feel a good rapport with him or her.  You need to be able to trust your lawyer, and be completely honest to get the best results. 

4.     Remember, you as the client are always in control of the direction of the representation, and your lawyer will handle the legal strategy.  Don’t be afraid to on his or her professional judgment and expertise.


At Dindinger & Kohler, we understand the legal process, both on the law and process side as well as the personal side.  You’re more than a case to us.  We take care to listen, validate, and consider your thoughts and feelings.  Let us help you navigate your legal matter today.


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